Various Ways on How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

We are increasingly being faced with a myriad of diseases and conditions that reduces our ability to be able to perform maximally and live a healthy and longer lifestyle. A number of these diseases and risks such as heart disease, cancer, chronic liver disease, asthma, overweight/obese and blood pressure are increasingly being caused by our unhealthy lifestyle. It is only by living a healthy lifestyle that you will be able to avoid these diseases and conditions.

Some of the common unhealthy lifestyle ways involved drinking/too much alcohol, lack of physical exercise and not eating healthy foods among others. There are a number of ways you can have a healthy lifestyle and therefore perform better and live longer as an athlete or as a normal person. These ways include:

I. Eating healthy foods

It is advised that you consume foods that have a minimum quantity of unhealthy fats. The examples of bad fats are Saturated fat and Trans Fat. Sources of saturated fats include beef, lamb and pork, poultry skin, dairy foods (butter, whole milk, cheese) and tropical oils like cocoa butter and coconut oil.Sources of Trans Fat include fried foods, baked goods such as cakes and pastries and margarine.

Examples of good/healthy fats are Polyunsaturated Fatand Monounsaturated fat.Monounsaturated fat includes avocado, nuts, and vegetable oils such as peanut/olive oil while sources of Polyunsaturated Fat include Salmon, sardines, trout and herring.

Furthermore, foods with low sugar are advised with carbohydrates that are highly refined. Sugary fruit juices, soft drinks, sweets and white bread should be avoided. Additionally, avoid processed foods; whole foods are preferred because they have a balance of healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

II. Get some physical exercise

It is often recommended that before you start your workout that you begin with gentle stretching for the purpose of warming up your muscles. Do a calf stretch, hamstrings, hip and shoulders. Moreover, it is advised that for every week you should go to the gym between 3 to 5 times.

You can also exercise in your neighborhood, for example by taking your dog for a walk or just jogging. Performing rigorous daily activities such as gardening are also appropriate for exercising. In addition, you can also walk or ride a bike instead of driving your car.

Involving oneself in a daily sport would also help you in staying healthy and living longer. It is a fact that professional sports persons are some of the healthiest persons around. When we partake in a sports activity, muscles, ligaments, bones and joints are put in a stress mode. The mode helps them adapt to rigorous work, making them grow sturdier and also the nerve system is adjusted to be able to function accordingly for the purpose of performing demanding tasks.

There are various benefits of taking part in a sport. One, with stress eliminated or reduced from the cardiovascular system, thrombosis and phlebeurysm will be prevented in lower limbs. Also, better ventilation of the respiratory system/lungs helps to prevent inflammation and bronchitis.

Furthermore, diseases of blood vessel like atherosclerosis are eliminated and also the increase in the rate of metabolism of fats and carbohydrates leads to more energy production for consumption by the body. In addition, participating in a sport would help in reducing fatigue and boosting your concentration levels that are really important if you happen to be a professional athlete or for living an active life.

III. Avoid unhealthy habits

· Avoid diet plan/products
· Exercising should be moderated
· Important that you knowyour weight
· Avoid alcohol intake and smoking
· Sleep for the recommended number of hours
· Don’t overeat

In conclusion, it is important to note that the various ways of achieving a healthy lifestyle are not that exhaustive. For example, some of the other ways involve showering daily, wearing clean clothes and daily brushing your teeth. Moreover, it is important to appreciate the fact that the various ways of staying healthy would be appropriate for any person and any sport including swimming, running, and football.